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Oct 17, 2014

What are the traits of a good worship team member? In this episode, we explore 7 important characteristics of someone who wants to serve on their church’s worship team. If you’re a worship team member who is wanting to grow to be a bigger blessing to your team, or if you’re a worship leader looking to add new players to your team, this episode is for you!



Character, Craft, Commitment, Coachability, Chemistry, Charisma, & Communication. The traits of a good team member!   - Tweet That!

If someone isn't honoring God with their life they shouldn’t be on the stage.  - Tweet That!

Good team members play what serves the song, not what serves their ego.  
 - Tweet That!

If you’re just going to church on the weeks you’re scheduled to play, something’s wrong!   - Tweet That!

Good team members respond quickly to communication.  - Tweet That!

If you have an issue with your worship leader, talk with your worship leader about it, not others!   - Tweet That!

It’s important to have people on your worship team who enjoy being together.   - Tweet That!

Before Sunday, make sure potential team members have a natural, confident presence on the stage.   - Tweet That!