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Aug 5, 2015

Healthy churches are filled with people from multiple generations:  from Great-grandparents to newborn babies. How can we as worship leaders lead both young and old to sing together and actually enjoy it? That's what we talk about today on the Worship Team Podcast!


Your goal is not musical coolness, but congregational engagement!  - Tweet That! 

Get down from the stage and get to know the people in your congregation. If they trust you, they will let you lead them.  - Tweet That!

If you’re going to introduce change to your congregation, do it with sensitivity and slowness.  - Tweet That!

The power of the song is in its familiarity to the people of that generation. Don't change the melody of a hymn!  - Tweet That! 

Your worship team should look like a cross section of your congregation.  - Tweet That!

Lights down in worship makes it an individual experience. Lights up makes it a corporate experience.       - Tweet That!