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Mar 1, 2016

David Santistevan joins us this month to discuss organization, productivity, and efficiency as a worship leader. Many musicians have a bad rap for being lazy and disorganized, but this should NOT be the case in the Church! David is the host of the well-known “Beyond Sunday Podcast” (a podcast for worship leaders that you should DEFINITELY be listening to), as well as an author, blogger, worship leader, songwriter, album producer, music instructor and family man! So David clearly knows a lot about time management and productivity!

In this episode we talk about why organization and productivity matter for Worship Leaders, how to set goals, the difference between consumers and creators, fighting distraction and staying focused, tips and tools for being efficient with your tasks and time, keeping people and God first while chasing God-sized dreams, and keeping your motives pure while you seek to do something BIG for the kingdom of God. If you like the episode, please consider leaving us a review on iTunes. Be sure to check out David online at: 
Beyond Sunday Podcast
Twitter @dsantistevan 
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There is a difference between busyness & productivity. Productivity has VISION attached to it.  -Tweet That!

Productive people's days don't happen by accident. Everything is planned from start to finish.  -Tweet That!

Take the hours you use for "consumption" and begin using them for creation.  -Tweet That!

The best way to fight against distractions is to remove them completely.   -Tweet That!

Ask this question: does this thing I'm about to do move me toward accomplishing one of my goals? 
-Tweet That!

Don’t get so productive that you neglect people in the process.  -Tweet That!

God is more interested in who you are becoming than what you are doing.  -Tweet That!