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Nov 1, 2014

With churches like Bethel and Jesus Culture gaining in popularity and influencing the worship climate, there has been a growing interest in "Prophetic Worship". But what is prophetic worship? Are there any scriptures that can give us insight into this intriguing topic? That's exactly what we'll be tackling in today's episode. So jump in and enjoy the conversation! 

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Prophetic worship is expressing God’s heart to the people through the medium of music.  - Tweet That!

The ministry was prophecy, the tool was music. 1 Chron 25.   
- Tweet That!

Use the word of God, paired with the emotion of music to express God’s heart to the people.  - Tweet That!

Express God’s heart through what you play! "Don’t just play it, pray it!”   - Tweet That!

All of the prophets were trained and skilled in music for the Lord. 1 Chron 25:7.  - Tweet That!

Know the Lord, know your instrument, know your people!  - Tweet That!