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Dec 10, 2014

How do you look on stage? Is your body language helping or hindering people from worship?  We communicate much more with our bodies than we do our words. That's why as worship leaders and worship team members we must care about improving our stage presence! In this episode (Episode 5) we tackle 8 tricks to help you improve your stage presence, so you can lead your church more effectively! Enjoy and pass it along to someone else!


How we hold ourselves on stage can either help or hinder people in worship.  -Tweet That!

Use your body as a tool to lead people, rather than a distraction to dissuade people.  -Tweet That!

We help the congregation engage passionately when we show them how.  -Tweet That!

Only 7% of our communication is conveyed through our words, the rest is nonverbal.   -Tweet That!

As worship leaders we must care about our stage presence.  We must learn to use our bodies in a way that helps people connect with Jesus!  

The difficult balance is being the leader of the room without being the center of attention.  -Tweet That!