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Sep 1, 2016

Nobody begins ministry with plans to burn out, ruin their family, walk away from the faith, or have an affair, but unfortunately these things happen on a regular basis in the Church. So how do we guard ourselves from these things? How do we set ourselves up to be faithful and fruitful for the long haul? Worship ministry veteran Paul Baloche joins us today to talk longevity and fruitfulness in ministry. Paul has had a 25 year career as a worship pastor, songwriter, recording artist, and worship trainer, and he's still going strong! Enjoy the wisdom from Mr. Paul Baloche as he shares the things that have allowed him to have a long and fruitful ministry!

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**Special thanks to Paul and Integrity Music for letting our listeners hear pre-release tracks from the upcoming album "Your Mercy" due out the first week of October 2016.

Paul Baloche + The Church Collective Workshop - Nov 11-12 - Modesto, CA


Two elements needed to having a long and fruitful ministry: A healthy Spiritual Life & A Healthy Family Life  - Tweet That!

Being around others who are "God pursuers" is a key to staying faithful for the long haul. - Tweet That!

The soft pressure and accountability of standing onstage each Sunday keeps us on the right track and close to God.  - Tweet That!

The neglect of Spiritual Disciplines is the fast-track to burn out.  - Tweet That!

Let’s not let our relationship with God become dependent on our emotions. Sometimes it's about the commitment.  - Tweet That!

You can’t minister to others week after week if you aren’t tending to your own soul.  - Tweet That!

We can’t be naive about temptation. Satan wants to take us out of ministry any way he can.  - Tweet That!

Get on God’s ship and be part of what he’s doing on the earth in our generation with the limited time we have.  - Tweet That!