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Jul 1, 2016

Our first worship leader roundtable is all about auditions. Four worship pastors from different churches discuss how they do auditions in their church. What mediums do they use to announce their auditions? What does the lead up process look like? What does the actual audition look like? How do they tell people no? What happens after the audition? All these questions are answered on this episode of the Worship Team Podcast!

Our Roundtable Guests:
Brenton Collyer - @brentoncollyer -
Chris Vacher - @chrisfromcanada -
Justin Bell - @justinemerybell 

Audition For Change E-Book (by Chris Vacher)
Audition Email Template from C4 Church
Calvary Monterey Online Worship Application
Calvary Nexus Audition Documents
Cypress Church Audition Documents
​Sierra Church Online Application


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