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Aug 1, 2016

John 4 may be one of the most well known passages in the Bible about worship. But what exactly is "worship in Spirit and Truth"? And as worship leaders and pastors, how do we plan our services to facilitate the kind of worship that the Father is seeking? The venerable Bob Kauflin joins us on the podcast today to answer these very vital questions! I promise you'll be fascinated by his insights! 

Be sure to check out Bob's excellent books for worship leaders. They are MUST reads:
Worship Matters (Amazon)
True Worshipers (Amazon)
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Bob on Twitter - @bkauflin


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Spirit & Truth Worship: When the awakening of the Spirit to the work of the Son leads us to the Father. - Tweet That! 

Spirit and Truth worship is a Trinitarian way of approaching God. - Bob Kauflin  - Tweet That!

​Jesus is the temple, the priest & the sacrifice, through which we can now worship the Father. - Bob Kauflin  - Tweet That!

No one can worship the Father without being born again (by the Spirit), who leads them to the Truth (Jesus).  - Tweet That!

God will not be honored by less than heart-engaged worship. - Tweet That!

Spirit & Truth Worship includes: engagement, sincerity, authenticity, passion, enthusiasm, genuineness. - Tweet That!

A lot of people sincerely and passionately worship idols.  - Tweet That!

In corporate worship, do what God commands, don’t do what God forbids, & use scriptural wisdom for everything else. - Tweet That!

Worship in Truth means, worshipping God not for who we want him to be, or who we imagine him to be, but for who He really is. - Tweet That!

Mental engagement is required in worship. Think about what you’re singing & saying & respond in ways that are appropriate. - Tweet That!

Lyrical vagueness has clouded the clarity of the gospel we are called to rejoice in. - Tweet That!

We don’t understand the difference between songs that feel good, and songs that are actually good for us - Bob Kauflin - Tweet That!

A song that causes you to focus on the creativity rather than the Word of God is not a helpful song for the Church. - Tweet That!

The aim of all our songs is that the Word of Christ would dwell in us richly. - Tweet That!

​During worship planning, find all the ways you can to help people engage in meaningful ways with God’s Word. - Tweet That!

During our services people should be built into Christ, not into us. - Tweet That!

In our services we have nothing better to give people than the knowledge of God revealed through Jesus Christ.  - Tweet That!