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Apr 1, 2016

With so many great new worship songs out there, there's a temptation to grab whatever is flashy and cool and throw it into your next worship set; but we must be much more intentional about the songs we choose and introduce to our congregation. We are the "Gatekeepers" of our church's "worship vocabulary". We put the words on their lips that shape their theology and view of God, so we must be very intentional. In this episode, I give 5 questions that you should ask before introducing that new song, as well as a few tips for the song curation and introduction process. Enjoy, and please share with anyone who may be helped by this episode!



There are many great songs. But that doesn’t automatically make them great congregational songs.
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We are the gatekeepers of our churches' "worship vocabulary". We must be intentional about the songs we put on their lips.  -Tweet That! 

Your church's master song list should contain a "balanced diet" of theological themes.  -Tweet That! 

Before you introduce that song, ask: Is it Biblical, Is it clear, Is it singable, Is it God-centered, Is it necessary?  -Tweet That!