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Jan 8, 2015

Want to help your worship team sound more professional? Then it's time to start arranging and playing in "parts". Churches are filled with extremely talented musicians, but very few of those musicians have any experience playing in the context of a band, so a lot of worship teams just stand on the stage and play chords together. Music is meant to be so much more than just playing the chords on your chord charts! In this episode Brenton Collyer and I tackle what it means to play in parts and give some practical tips to help you begin creating more beautiful music arrangements for your church!



Music can be so much more than just playing the chords on the chord chart!  - Tweet That!

Playing in parts means you’re playing something different and complimentary to what the other instruments are playing.  - Tweet That!

The more musicians on the stage, the less each one will need to play.  - Tweet That!

Good musicians figure out a specific part to play for each section of the song, and then they always play it the same.  - Tweet That!

If everyone is playing a simple complimentary part, when you put those parts together it creates a cohesive, beautiful, well crafted whole.  - Tweet That!

Just because you have the ability to play something complicated doesn’t mean you should.  - Tweet That!

Serve the song! Play what the song needs, not what you want.  - Tweet That!

Often the simplest part is the best part.  - Tweet That!

Before you play something, make sure it needs to be there, and if it does, put your heart and soul into it.  - Tweet That! 

The difference between a player, and a professional is the professional knows how to listen!  - Tweet That!